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Ladaria: Necessary teaching in light of legislation on euthanasia

In an interview with Vatican News, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith says the letter “Samaritanus bonus” offers an integral approach to the human person, to suffering and illness, to caring for those in critical and terminal illnesses.

Parolin: UN still needed to respond to the hopes of the world’s people

At a virtual high-level meeting on September 21 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the world body, Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin reiterated the Holy See’s support for the United Nations.

“Euthanasia is a crime against human life, incurable does not mean end of care”

“Samaritanus bonus” (The Good Samaritan), a newly published letter by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, approved by the Pope, reiterates the condemnation of any form of euthanasia and assisted suicide, and advocates support for families and healthcare workers.

Taking care of the sick, learning what it means to love

The Church’s teaching on the end of life is re-proposed in “Samaritanus bonus” (Good Samaritan) in pastoral tones: the person is to be taken care of and surrounded with affection until the end.

DRC: Bishops’ General Secretary tips parliamentarians on servant leadership

With the Senate and the National Assembly (lower house) resuming sittings, DRC’s National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) General Secretary, Fr. Donatien Nshole, has urged parliamentarians to re-dedicate themselves as servants of the Congolese people.

Leaked documents reveal laundering of millions of dollars

Leaked documents suggest that one of the Russian President's closest friends used a prominent British bank to launder millions of dollars and evade Western sanctions. This and other revelations are among a trove of documents obtained by a global network of investigative journalists.

EU and AU leaders urged to put people at heart of peace efforts

Caritas Africa and Caritas Europa urge EU and African leaders to adopt a new framework for EU-Africa relations

Canadian Bishops set to hold virtual Plenary Assembly

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Bishops of Canada are meeting virtually for their annual Plenary Assembly.

Order of Malta in Beirut: a heartbroken city in an ever-wounded country

As Lebanon continues to register an alarming rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths, a new lockdown would wreak even more poverty and suffering among the stricken population. The President of the Order of Malta in Lebanon says his fellow citizens are sick, hungry and in despair.

Caritas Internationalis appeals for end to conflict: Aspire to peace and harmony

As the International Day of Peace is observed across the globe this September 21, Caritas Internationalis calls for an end to war and violence all over the world.