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Lent? I got this.

Posted by Stacey Rains on 2/16/18

Some people dread Lent. It’s tough: you’ve gotta think about where you mess up, give up meat on Fridays, and fast. (Or, alternatively, ignore it completely and feel guilty the whole time.) Others love Lent. It’s time to re-focus, train to get in (spiritual) shape, and receive that ... Read More »

HS - When you have superpowers and don’t even know it.

Posted by Stacey Rains on 1/18/18

It’s hard to start something new. Even something amazing. Like prayer. Or youth group. This guy gets it:   Oftentimes, I have this kernel of worry hidden at the back of my mind. I worry that I’m inconvenient. I don’t want to be a bother for people—not just the ... Read More »

New Year: New Communication

Posted by Stacey Rains on 1/08/18

Hey ya’ll! This year, one of my resolutions, along with daily spiritual reading (Saints for Today, anyone?), is to be better at communication. To that end, I’m going to do a blog for St Paul’s Youth Ministry. I’ll also be attempting to use Remind, so if you’d like to ... Read More »