Campaign Questions & Answers

 At each campaign event, St. Paul parishioners asked questions regarding the new campus facility and building process.  Listed below are several of those questions with answers.

-  Interior finishes and parking lot work are in process.
-  Permit process will commence over the next few weeks.

For your information:  
1.  All funerals, weddings, quinceañeras, daily Masses, etc. will be held in the temporary worship space on the new campus.  
2.  We will no longer be going to St. James Academy for Saturday Mass once we move up north.  The capacity will be 800 people.  That is a 50% increase over the current capacity of 500 persons at St. Paul Church.  
3.  There will be an Adoration Chapel on the new campus and that is how we will make the official move north . . . . by walking the Blessed Sacrament in a procession from the current chapel to the new chapel.  It will be a 4 mile walk, in the cold, with an Olathe PD escort, etc.  It will be a great moment for our parish!  
Contact Fr. Michael at with any questions or comments.
Adoration Chapel:
Will we have an Adoration Chapel?
Yes. It will be in the multi-purpose building.
Will there be a basement?
No. There will be a lower level but for use as a storm shelter only.
Why no basement?
Even though we will not have a basement, there will be a shelter that will be able to fit 450 children.  It will not be used for storage.  The plan is to have be a basement when we construct the new church in Phase 2.
Building Order:
Why are we building the school/multi-use space before the church?
This is the process determined by the building committee as the best path forward.  Building the school and multi-purpose center first allow the parish to move together – and not have two separate campuses with Mass at one location and all ministries at another.  Also, the church will be more expensive to build than Phase 1.  We do not have enough parishioners to support building a church at this time but we will in the future as more families join our parish.
Bidding Process:
Will the project be sent out for bids?
Yes. The archdiocese holds a list of approved builders that can bid on the project.
Are we required to take the lowest bids?
No.  The ability to complete the project within our time frame and other factors are considered when deciding who will be awarded the work.
Building Surface:
What material will cover the outside of the building?
That has not been determined.
Building Timeframe:
How long will construction of Phase 1 take?
Our current estimated Phase 1 building completion date is January 2019.
How did the building committee decide on the number of classrooms?
To plan for future growth, the committee decided on two classrooms per grade.
Will there be a gym in Phase 1?
No. We will have access to the current gym until we build a new gym on the new campus in a later phase.
Will the building be handicap accessible?
Yes. There will be an elevator between floors.
Knights of Columbus:
Will there be a Knights of Columbus room?
Yes, although it may be shared by other groups.  The Knights may elect to continue to use their current room until Phase 2 is completed.
Multipurpose Facility and Athletics:
Will the multipurpose facility be used for athletic events?
No.  It will not be set up for basketball or volleyball.
Where will our CYO youth teams play?
We will have access to our current gymnasium until we build a new gym on the new campus.
Does Phase 1 include parking?
It includes the majority of parking. More parking will be added later.
Why are we moving rather than just upgrading current facilities?
Remodeling and upgrades will not address the real prospect of parish growth.  Not moving and building a new campus will in fact inhibit growth.
Will the multipurpose/worship center have restrooms?
Worship Center:
What will the worship center be used for when the church is built?
Cafeteria for the school, with partitions to create space for parish meeting rooms and other purposes.

Does the archdiocese contribute to the campaign?
No. This is a parish responsibility.  The archdiocese did gift us the land, worth over $500,000.
How much of my pledge goes to the archdiocese?
Zero.  All campaign contributions stay at St. Paul.
Average Donation:
Is there an estimated average donation per family?
Every parish family is in a unique economic position from every other family.  We are asking every household to consider committing 3% to 5% of their household income for each year of the campaign to this project.  We a high level of participation we will reach our goal.
Collection Percentage:
What percentage of pledges can we expect to be be paid?
Historically, 97-98% of pledges are paid in full in a church campaign.
Archbishop’s Call to Share:
How will this impact the Archbishop’s Call to Share?
It won’t. St. Paul will be asked to fully support the Archbishop’s Call to Share.
Donating Stock:
Can we donate stocks, bonds or mutual funds?
Yes.  Please talk to your accountant about the benefits.
Donation Percentages:
What percentage of families will give?
Data suggests that on the average 60 to 65% of families will contribute.  Not every family will be on board or will contribute.
Excess Pledges:
What will we do with excess pledges?
Excess pledge receipts will be rolled into Phase 2 (the new church).
Multiple Phases:
Why split the campaigns into phases?
St. Paul Parish does not have the base of support to run an even higher dollar campaign to build everything at once.  Few if any Catholic parishes can accomplish that.
New Parish Families:
Will new parishioners be asked to support the campaign?
Yes. We have developed a process to approach new families.
Other Parishes Donations:
Will other parishes be contributing to our new Church? We pledged to build Prince of Peace.
No.  We are not building a new parish, we are moving.
Other Pledge Commitments:
What do we do about other pledges we have made, now that we are in a campaign here?
We encourage everyone to honor a current pledge elsewhere and pay it off first.
How often do I pay on my pledge?
Each family will determine its frequency of pledge payments.  Monthly, quarterly, etc.   All are acceptable.
How are payments set up?
Payments can be made online, dropped in the offertory basket at Mass, or mailed to the Parish Office.  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is also available.
How soon will we know the pledge totals?
Immediately.  Also, campaign totals will be shared with the parish on a continuous basis.
Is my pledge legally binding?
No.  It is not a contract.
How long is the pledge period?
Typically, for 3 years, but can be extended to 5 years.
Pledge Reminders:
Will we receive pledge reminders?
Yes.  Statements are sent out quarterly.
Can we donate stocks, bonds or mutual funds?
Yes.  Your accountant can explain the benefits.
Are contributions to the campaign deductible?
Yes, please consult your financial advisor.

Construction Order of Building:
Why aren’t we building the church first?
1. We don’t have the infrastructure (base of support to build the church).
2. The 2012 Feasibility Study did not support building a church – with a potential of raising only 20% of the projected cost in a campaign.
3. Building in this phased approach allows the parish to move together, to grow the parish and to build the base of support needed to raise the necessary funding to build our church.
Future Campaign:
Will there be another campaign for the church?
Phase 2:
When will Phase 2 begin?
When Phase 1 is built and paid off.
Does Phase 1 have to happen before Phase 2?
Yes, because of our anticipated growth of children in both our religious education program and the school.  Continuing to grow these programs helps to grow the parish.
Phase 2 Plan:
How well developed is the Phase 2 plan?
It is not developed.  As we get closer, we want to engage as many parishioners as possible in discussing the needs and necessities of a new church.
How soon will we begin working on Phase 2?
We need to build and pay off Phase 1. Then there will likely be a break before starting another campaign.
Church – School:
Will the church and school be physically connected in case of bad weather?
Yes, for security and safety reasons.

Current Buildings:
What will happen to the current buildings?
The buildings will be sold and the proceeds will support whatever building phase we are in.
What about the Gym?
We will maintain control of the gym for parish and school usage.
Real Estate Professional:
Are local professionals aware of the potential sale?
Yes.   Local developers are aware of our plans to move.
Real Estate Value:
Has the property been appraised?
Sales Time Frame:
What will be the time frame on selling the buildings on the old campus?
Buildings have been sold with a move date contingent on the completion of the new campus.
Sales Proceeds:
What happens to the proceeds from selling buildings on the current campus?
All proceeds will support whatever phase of the master plan St. Paul is pursuing.

All Phases:
What would be the cost to do all phases at once?
Estimated $20-$25 million.
Can we afford to operate Phase 1 at the new sight?
Yes.  Our current operating budget will support the new facility.
Building Money:
Where does the money go when we pay our pledges?
The archdiocese has a savings account we use.
Pledge Credit:
Is there a pledge credit for payments already made to the building fund?
No.  The pledge to this campaign is in addition to what might have already contributed to this project.
Property Sales:
What happens to the proceeds from selling current facilities?
These funds will apply to whatever phase of building that we are in.
If I donate stock, when is it sold?
Immediately.  All gifts of this type are sold upon receipt.  For your tax records the legal gift amount (the amount you can legally claim as a donation) is the average of the high and low prices of the security on the day it is sold.
Tax Statements:
Will our year end statements detail campaign contributions?
Yes.  It will list stewardship, campaign and special donations.

Other Schools:
Did the building committee take into the account the number of schools in the area?
Yes.  We are building a Catholic school with faith formation and discipline.
Needy Families:
Will we be able to take care of our families in need while we are in Phase 1?
Yes.  We will work together with Catholic Charities and continue to find a way to serve those needs.

Where will the priest live when the rectory is sold?
We will build a new rectory on the north side of the campus. The new rectory will be funded by the sale of the current rectory and Fr. Hubbard Center.

How many families are in the parish?
There are over 2,300 registered families at St. Paul.   There are also over 800 Catholic families living within the parish boundaries registered at other Catholic parishes.
What is the expected growth of the parish?
We know there are 3,000 Catholic families currently in the parish boundaries.  In the next 10 years, with new housing growth, and 20% expected to be Catholic, we could grow to 4,000 families.  This is one of the primary motivators to make this move to a new campus!

Where will weddings be held until the church is built?
The worship center will accommodate all sacramental and special events, including weddings, funerals, First Communions, Confirmations, quinceañeras, etc.
Daily Mass:
Where will daily Mass be held after Phase 1 is complete?
In the worship space.
Funeral Dinners:
Where will we have funeral dinners?
In the multi-purpose center.  For funeral dinners, the school children will eat in their classrooms.  We will honor the corporal works of mercy and respect grieving families.

How did the building committee decide on the number of classrooms?
To plan for future growth, the committee decided on two classrooms per grade.
How many children are in the school?
There are currently 173 students with one classroom per grade.
What is the long term projected enrollment?
The school will cap enrollment at 450.
What is planned for daily gym classes?
We have athletic fields on campus and the multipurpose center will be available for light recreational use.
Will the multi-purpose space be used for athletic events?
No.  It will not be set up for either basketball or volleyball.
Could we use the new Worship Center in Phase 1 as the gym for our new facility?
No.  It will not serve in that capacity.  We will have access to our current gym until the new gym is built on the new campus.
Where will the CYO teams practice and play without a gym?
We will maintain access to the gym for our teams.
Why do we not build the multi-purpose center to gymnasium dimensions and convert it when Phase 2 is complete?
It adds too much expense to the Phase 1 project, meaning delays in Phase 2.
Will there be a library and science rooms?
Yes. The library will be a media center.
How is this addressed?
Safety will be at a premium.  Only one entrance to the school will be accessible during school hours.  Visitors will need to be buzzed in.
Is there a safe spot for hazardous weather?
Yes.  The tornado shelter will hold 450 people.
Are upgrades planned?
Yes.  Technology will be state of the art, with planning for upgrades into the future as the technology evolves.
Will there be a tuition increase once we open the new school?
Tuition increases are a reality in covering costs and maintaining reasonable staff salaries. St. Paul will continue to work with every family in making this Catholic education affordable.  Any future tuition increase will not be connected to the new school building.

Will we have room for sports fields, soccer, football, etc.
Yes. The new campus is 22 acres and has room and a plan for athletic fields.

Phase 2 Re-purpose:
Can the worship center be converted into a gym once the church is built?
No.  The dimensions will not work.
Why don’t we build the worship center to gymnasium specifications so we can convert it to a gym once the church is built?
It’s not feasible from the expense side.  Also, it is not energy efficient.  And, the prime consideration is the need for extra meeting space.
How many exits are there, in case of a fire?
There are two entrances/exits to the worship center.
Where will we store the chairs when the multi-purpose center is not set up for Mass.
Along the walls.  Storage will be an issue.
What will the worship center be used for when the church is built?
It will be used for various sizes of meeting rooms and parish events.  We anticipate it will be used every day and every night to support programming in the parish and the school.


Do you have a question or would like additional information not listed here? Let us know!


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